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Custom Design Process

Experience personalized craftsmanship at Tuggle Designs. With us, it's more than customization—it's crafting a narrative! Owners Matt and Lauren guide you through every step, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. Your story shapes our creations, and your input drives the design process. From diamonds and gemstones to your perfect setting, we tailor every detail to craft your masterpiece.

Step One

Design Conceptualization

Determine your vision | During our initial consultation (which can be in-person, through email, or video call), we'll explore your inspirations and guide you through our design process, ensuring your vision takes shape.

Choose your stones | Whether repurposing heirlooms or sourcing the perfect stones, we tailor the process to you. Explore a curated selection of diamonds and gemstones, ensuring your custom piece reflects your unique taste and preferences.

Review and design approval | After your consultation, we'll draw up and present a handful of sketches for your dream piece. We'll work with you to refine your sketch until it's perfect. We're dedicated to your satisfaction, ensuring you adore your one-of-a-kind creation before production begins.



Determining production method | After design approval, it's time to begin making your piece! Whether hand-fabricating your piece or hand-carving a wax, we ensure meticulous craftsmanship. If a wax model is crafted, you'll have a chance to review and make final adjustments before casting.

Crafting your masterpiece | With your design approved, we begin crafting your custom piece. Our detailed production process typically spans 6-8 weeks*, ensuring every detail is perfected to bring your vision to life.

*Our lead times fluctuate based on the season and our current workload. While we strive to accommodate all deadlines, please inform us of any time constraints you may have!


Custom Completion

Receiving your masterpiece | Once your custom jewelry is ready, we'll schedule a pickup or arrange shipping. Your unique, handcrafted piece awaits, ready to become the next cherished heirloom for generations!

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Share your story with us—we're eager to bring your vision to life!

- Matt & Lauren